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Company Matters - Formations, Maintenance, Dissolution

Estate and Corporate Solicitors can provide assistance with start-ups, business expansions, acquisitions, disposals, and terminations. We can offer advice and services on incorporating a company and on the management and administration of the company's affairs.

Company Law

A great deal of commerce involves the use of limited companies. Estate and Corporate Solicitors can assist with the formation, maintenance, expansion or dissolution of limited companies of the small to medium size variety, and joint ventures. Advice is available for directors, share holders, employees.

Charitable companies

Estate and Corporate Solicitors are experienced in acting for and in the formation of companies limited by guarantee (charitable companies).


Partnerships are a popular and simple way for two or more people to work together in a business or profession. Because of the necessarily close and trusting relationships required of partners getting the rules of the partnership right at the beginning is an important part of any partnership business success.

Adding partners or replacing partners is an equally important step; dissolving a partnership, particularly where relations have soured is often a complex and difficult matter to deal with.

Estate and Corporate Solicitors can assist with preparing partnership agreements, amendments or agreements and the dissolution of partnerships whether amicable or contentious.

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