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Business Affairs

Estate and Corporate Solicitors can provide business legal services for sole traders, partnerships, companies ( SMEs ) at competitive rates. We can offer advice and services on incorporating a company, administration of the company's affairs, service contracts and the liabilities of the company and its directors. We can handle takeovers and amalgamations and deal with the many complex issues arising from such transactions.

We can provide assistance with start-ups, business expansions, acquisitions, disposals, and terminations. Our expertise covers contract law, employment law, litigation problems, debt collection, intellectual property, Insolvency, breach of confidence, charities, enforcement of judgements, fraud, landlord and tenant, and tribunals.

We have access to barristers' chambers who help us provide a first rate and expert service in all areas of commercial practice.

We also can advise you on alternative to trading as an incorporated company .We can advise you on the alternative methods of trading which are either as a sole trader or as a partner carrying on business together with others.

Whatever your business and its structure you will require advice on many topics including the negotiation and preparation of contracts for the supply of goods and services, employment contracts for your staff, methods of raising capital, improving the efficiency of your business through careful monitoring of the accounts, protecting trade secrets, processes and inventions, taxation, insurance, the purchase or leasing of premises and company formations.

Company Law

A great deal of commerce involves the use of limited companies. Estate and Corporate Solicitors can assist with the formation maintenance, expansion or dissolution of limited companies of the small to medium size variety, and joint ventures. Advice is available for directors, share holders, employees.

We can provide litigation service for companies or against companies.

Charitable companies

Estate and Corporate Solicitors are experienced in acting for companies limited by guarantee (charitable companies)


Partnerships are a popular and simple way for two or more people to work together in a business or profession. Because of trusting relationships required of partners, getting the rules of the partnership right at the beginning is an important part of any partnership business success.

Adding partners or replacing partners is an equally important step; dissolving a partnership, particularly where relations have soured is often a complex and difficult matter to deal with.

Estate and Corporate Solicitors can assist with preparing partnership agreements, amendments or agreements and the dissolution of partnerships whether amicable or contentious.


The whole of our commercial lives depends on contracts between parties and the performance of these contracts. They can be oral or written, simple or complex, one-offs or inferred from a course of conduct between the parties over a period of time.

But to work properly, contracts must make it clear who is going to do (or not do) what, for whom, when, where and at what price.

In this regards it is important that contracts drawn are clear and unequivocal about its content and terms so that parties to it understand their obligations as written in the contract , before these are entered into and consequences generating dispute, or a breach causing damages.

This will involve negotiation and may involve litigation, but all with an eye on the commercial "bottom line" for the parties involved.

Estate and Corporate Solicitors can advise and assist in the preparation, finalisation, operation and completion of contractual matters; setting up standard terms and conditions of trade; one-off special contracts; and so on. We can also assist in contentious aspects of contractual relationships, including litigation or commercial mediation.

Intellectual Property Law

Intellectual property law covers the rights and interests in ideas - designs, inventions, writing, art, logos and a myriad other commercially useable ideas.

Estate and Corporate Solicitors can assist with the registration of trademarks, nationally, in Europe and internationally, registration of other intellectual property and the legal formalities of dealing with licensing ideas for commercial development, both nationally and internationally.

If you have a good idea, you should take steps to protect it and develop it.


Debt collection is an essential part of commercial life. Estate and Corporate Solicitors can deal with individual debt claims, and if you have need for debt collection on a bulk scale, Estate and Corporate Solicitors. has a sister firm which specialises in the field.

Defeating unjustified debt claims is the other side of the coin, as not all claims are valid. Estate and Corporate Solicitors can help in defending against such claims.

Commercial Law

Estate and Corporate Solicitors have expertise in commercial matters - business sales and acquisitions (small and medium sized enterprises only), employment law, regulatory problems, company start-ups, maintenance and dissolutions.

Commercial Litigation

Litigation is unfortunately an increasingly major part of modern trading activity. Estate and Corporate Solicitors can assist in dealing with problem solving where litigation is or may become involved. But ideally, when a problem is spotted, early consultation may avoid the risks and costs of litigation, or at least help to improve your position if a court case does result.

Estate and Corporate Solicitors aims to provide a cost effective litigation service.


Negligence claims are becoming increasingly common. If you believe someone has damaged you by negligent conduct, then consult us to see if you have a claim that can be pursued. If someone is claiming that your conduct or the conduct of one of your employees or your company has been negligent, we can also assist. Call us.

Intellectual property law

If your, or your Company's, intellectual property rights (trademark, copyright, design infringement, etc) have been infringed by unauthorised use of your property, you can claim compensation, and/ or prevent further abuses by recourse to law. This is an area in which Estate and Corporate Solicitors has considerable experience.

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